Specially designed by and for couples to step out of the daily routine. You will learn new techniques and how to use them in your privacy, allowing you to increase your livido and connect your sexual energy as a couple. Do not settle for just anything and explore the world of Tantra and sexuality with the help of one of our masseurs. At the end of the massage, half hour courtesy in our facilities, so you can enjoy and explore in your privacy as a couple.

Includes: Relaxing massage, intense body, mutual, prostate, and finalizes with lingan and yoni techniques to enjoy a more pleasant and longer lasting orgasm

1 Masseur

Center Hotel
60' €250 €300
90' €280 €330

2 Masseurs

Center Hotel
60' €280 €360
90' €310 €390

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Massage for two in Madrid

What if you could enjoy those minutes of peace and pleasure accompanied by your partner? Would you like to enjoy the advice of professionals so you can use massage tactics for two in Madrid? Well, we at TAJ Masajes are prepared to help you with this. We are specialists in doing our bit to make couples can find in a massage, a moment of relaxation and full intimacy. With our service you will be able to increase the livid and achieve that point of connection that can relax you at the same time.

Our service is characterized by offering couples the opportunity to leave their usual routine and do an activity that can teach them a lot about each other. It is important to make a contract that meets all the characteristics that each couple needs.

If you think that you and your partner need to get out of the conventional, you can try to contact us at TAJ Massages and we will give you an unusual option, but that usually pleases couples very much. In addition, when our girls finish performing the massage will leave you alone and offer you the possibility of connecting more intimately. What couple would not want to enjoy this unique experience? Come on, call us and enjoy a massage for two in Madrid.

Massages for couples in Madrid

You’re wondering what’s in this massage. Well, the service we offer begins with a relaxing massage, full of tantric techniques and essential oils. In addition, there will be an intense and mutual body to body service, which ends with lingan and yoni techniques. Our girls are going to achieve that both members of the couple reach orgasm easily and in a much more lasting way in the time.

In addition, we offer the option that one or two masseurs go to the place where the massage is going to take place. That is, you can enjoy both a particular masseuse or several masseuses who treat you separately and let you finish together. You can go to our centre located in the heart of Salamanca or to a hotel that we will prepare beforehand so that it is oriented to give a calm and anti-stress situations to our clients.

Call us with your partner and choose between all the girls that we have so that they are the ones who take care of your massage for two in Madrid. If you choose between both the girl or girls and the place where the massage is going to take place you will probably be much more connected and you will enjoy the experience much more fully.

This type of massage serves to reduce the stress that attacks us daily, but they are also used for couples to connect with each other and enjoy something unusual. Our girls are going to teach you another way to enjoy very special and that we should all practice at some point. In TAJ Massages we want to help you and give you an attractive option for those moments in which it seems that nothing advances.

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