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More and more women are daring to enjoy an erotic massage, seeking their own satisfaction and investigating new and different options. Your masseuse will spoil you and treat you with tender loving care, just as you deserve, combining love and lust to discover a world of eroticism, sensuality and intimate pleasure impossible to forget.

Includes: relaxing massage, body to body intense, mutual and ends with lingan techniques to enjoy a more pleasant and a longer lasting orgasm.

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Ethical massages for women

Women are also curious to try this type of massage. For this reason, in TAJ Massages we take into account their preferences and offer them the possibility of receiving this service. Our specialists are prepared to take care of your problem and give you a massage that will clear your mind at any time.

Tantric massages for women

There are multiple ways to achieve extreme pleasure even if you are a woman. In addition, you can find that point of satisfaction that only you know, that sensation that makes you vibrate and allows you to reach a state of fullness and maximum relaxation. Help yourself with our fantastic tantric massages for women, so that you can discover another way to see the eroticism and intimate pleasure that you can reach. We at TAJ Masajes offer you a very interesting service adapted to the times we are in, where little time reigns and the need to calm daily stress and give a small external help to our muscles becomes more and more necessary.

Ethical massages for women

Are you interested in the services that include our massages? Well, we can use essential oils to make a pleasant body to body, also do a relaxing massage, with tantra techniques known to our specialists, ending with the not-so-known techniques yoni, which will help women to reach a very pleasant orgasm.

In fact, we give you a choice between a large group of professionals, who master these techniques perfectly and will make you vibrate from the first moment you have contact. They know a lot of ways to enjoy.

The procedure is simple. The women contact with our telephone number and choose the type of massage they want to receive and the specialist who will perform the service. They can select the woman they are most interested in or the one you think is best suited to the characteristics they are looking for. In addition, they can also select the place where they want the massage to take place. In fact, we have a place in the Salamanca district of Madrid perfectly ready to give massages. But we also offer our erotic massage service for women in other hotels in Madrid, where our girls are responsible for preparing a pleasant atmosphere with many points that will mark a before and after in your opinion about these services.

Tantric massages for women

All the women who work with us are true experts when it comes to tantric massage. Their main objective is that women reach the climax in each of their massages, using the known oriental techniques that we should all practice at some point. You will achieve more lasting and pleasurable orgasms. In fact, you will realize that it is not necessary to stimulate in any way that is not with your own hands. Our girls will use oils and all the knowledge that their years of experience give them. This is the only way to offer a high quality massage.

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