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If you do not have the time or the desire to move, we will go to your hotel or home here in Madrid.

Select a massage, and one of our masseurs will attend to the given address, with all you need to enjoy your massage. Comfort and privacy guaranteed.

The flexibility of our massages is complete. You just have to call us and make an appointment at any location, at the time that best suits you, and choose the massage that meets your needs.

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Perfect massage a boost of energy and back to the office. You will feel a renewed, refreshed and well relaxed. It includes relaxing massage, a light body to body, and finishes off with lingan techniques to enjoy a longer and more pleasurable orgasm.

30' 120

Body to body light

Massage given with essential oils, perfect to disconnect the mind and relax the body. Your masseuse will use both arms and legs to give the massage, taking you to a state of relaxation and ecstasy. It includes relaxing massage, a light body to body, and ends with lingan techniques to enjoy a more pleasant and more pleasurable orgasm.

60' €150
90' €180

Intense Body to Body

This is the perfect massage for an unforgettable experience. You will enjoy an intense body-to-body massage, where your masseuse will glide her body sensually over yours while giving you a massage offering a real show and total relaxation.

60' 190
90' 220

Four hands

Double the pleasure. Two perfectly synchronized beauties will slide their curves all over your body. This extravagant massage raises the temperature like no other. A festival of passion and a sea of ​​caresses that will awaken your sexual appetite.

60' €300
90' €360

Two stimulations

Total relaxation from the start. The Bindu massage begins with an orgasm based on lingan techniques enabling you to enjoy the massage on another level. This massage Elevates and increases your sexual energy to the max. Finishing off with a second extremely pleasurable orgasm. Enhancing your climax to a supreme ecstasy.

60' €230
90' €260

For couples and duets

Specially designed for couples to get out of the routine. This couples massage will teach you new techniques to use together increasing your livido and connecting your sexual energy.

2 Masseurs
60' €300 €360
90' €330 €390


Want comfort and privacy? You don’t need to travel. You can enjoy our massages from your hotel or home. At your luxury and at your convenience.

Price according to the chosen massage

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Hotel Massages in Madrid

Are you thinking of spending a few minutes of time just for yourself? Do you need to relax and can’t think of alternatives to the usual ones? Well, don’t worry because you have just arrived at the website that will help you find that moment of tranquillity and pleasure that can brighten up any moment of the week.We at TAJ Masajes offer you a massage service in a hotel in Madrid. You will have all the privacy you need. You will enjoy a quiet atmosphere, with all the necessary accessories so that the girls of TAJ Massages can do their work in the best possible way.Our clients will be able to enjoy the peace of mind of receiving the requested message in one of our hotel rooms. We have prepared a series of very relaxing atmospheres. All of them are made up of rooms where even the smallest detail is taken care of. So when you enter the room to receive your massage in a hotel in Madrid you will find all the details. Among them, for example, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy, or a wide range of lights that you will be able to prepare in the most interesting way. You are in charge of setting the stage to your liking. When you contact us, we will explain how we work and show you the rooms we have available. We will give you some humble advice, but you as a client will have the final word and you will be able to choose in which room you think you should be given the service.By playing with textures, smells and colours, TAJ Masajes aims to offer you a unique experience that only you can enjoy. Turn your own relaxation into an unforgettable experience thanks to the services that TAJ Masajes intends to offer you.We leave to your choice the place where you want the massage to be carried out, being possible to carry it out in the hotel room, as we have commented previously, or going to the private home that the person who contracts the service wishes. We have no problem getting to you and your girls will appreciate the detail of choosing the most comfortable place where you can find.As for the girls we have on staff can say that they are all experts in performing this type of massage. You only have to think about relaxing and leaving behind any concern that may negatively influence your mood. They will offer you all the possibilities that are within their reach and will perform the service that can best make each client feel. Having the opportunity to be treated by such expert hands, it seems strange that you find something that can make you resist it. Allow yourself the luxury of noticing pleasure through the hands of our expert masseurs; we assure you that it is impossible to be disappointed.

Erotic massages in hotel in Madrid

In our catalogue you will find all the variety of massages that we can offer you. All tantric massages that we offer in hotels in Madrid are made with professional women who put their hands to the service of customers. In fact, all our girls know a lot of secrets related to the world of physiotherapy and relaxing massages. Their tactics will leave you completely surprised. You will be able to feel things that you have not felt before and sure that when you finish you will find yourself more relaxed than you have ever been. The techniques of the girls of TAJ Massages help their clients to a state of complete fullness, which allows them to resume their daily activities with greater mental strength. For this reason, we recommend that you try our tantric massage service at hotels in Madrid.We know a wide range of tricks so that our girls can get you to that point of climax with only the use of their hands and some parts of their body. In fact, we carry out a continuous training that ensures that our customers have no complaints. The idea is that our client contact us to receive a relaxing service that makes him face his daily actions in another way. That’s why our girls are discreet and elegant and will make the tantric massage services they perform in Madrid hotels of exceptional quality. We have a wide portfolio of clients who can always repeat with us.When requesting a massage to our contacts TAJ Massages, the client must choose several things: environment, place, girl and type of massage you want to receive. Of the rest it is not necessary to prepare anything. Since we will try to do everything to your liking and our girls will get perfectly into the type of massage that the client requests. In our catalogue we have many types, so that each client can vary depending on the circumstances.Don’t let the stress of everyday life cause you problems and free your mind by receiving a massage that will bring you many benefits not only physically, but also mentally. That’s why all our clients repeat the experience from time to time. What could be better to recover your mind than a massage practically designed for you? Come on, cheer up and try our tantric massage service in hotels in Madrid. A comfortable and above all, discreet service for all our clients.Nobody will know what is going on inside the hotel room, because our girls will come to it, they will do the massage that the client has requested and after finishing it they will leave in the same way. This way our clients will have time for themselves and to enjoy the sensation that the massage has left them. The most important thing for all TAJ Massage staff is that the client considers us as a guarantee of tranquility, rest and relaxation. For that reason, we offer a very interesting service to a comfortable price, within reach of any pocket. Come and get to know us closely.

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