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She Will not leave you indifferent. Very professional and dedicated to the world of Tantra, she ensures that you are comfortable, relaxed and manage to meet all your expectations


Very nice and knows her work very well. She is easy to speak to, making you feel comfortable before, during and after your massage


Know your tastes and concerns well and know how to reach them.


It will make you enjoy and have a pleasant and pleasant evening.

Tantric Massages in Madrid

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Tantric massages

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Sensual massages


Perfect massage a boost of energy and back to the office. You will feel a renewed, refreshed and well relaxed. It includes relaxing massage, a light body to body, and finishes off with lingan techniques to enjoy a longer and more pleasurable orgasm.

Center Hotel
30' €60 120

Body to body light

Massage given with essential oils, perfect to disconnect the mind and relax the body. Your masseuse will use both arms and legs to give the massage, taking you to a state of relaxation and ecstasy. It includes relaxing massage, a light body to body, and ends with lingan techniques to enjoy a more pleasant and more pleasurable orgasm.

Center Hotel
60' €90 €150
90' €120 €180

Intense Body to Body

This is the perfect massage for an unforgettable experience. You will enjoy an intense body-to-body massage, where your masseuse will glide her body sensually over yours while giving you a massage offering a real show and total relaxation.

Center Hotel
60' 140 190
90' 170 220

Four hands

Double the pleasure. Two perfectly synchronized beauties will slide their curves all over your body. This extravagant massage raises the temperature like no other. A festival of passion and a sea of ​​caresses that will awaken your sexual appetite.

Center Hotel
60' €220 €300
90' €280 €360

Two stimulations

Total relaxation from the start. The Bindu massage begins with an orgasm based on lingan techniques enabling you to enjoy the massage on another level. This massage Elevates and increases your sexual energy to the max. Finishing off with a second extremely pleasurable orgasm. Enhancing your climax to a supreme ecstasy.

Center Hotel
60' €180 €230
90' €210 €260

For Women

More and more women are daring to enjoy an erotic massage and seek their own satisfaction. Your masseur will pamper you and treat you with delicacy, as you deserve it, combining love and lust so that you discover an unknown world.

Center Hotel
60' €130

For couples and duets

Specially designed for couples to get out of the routine. This couples massage will teach you new techniques to use together increasing your livido and connecting your sexual energy.

1 Masseur
Center Hotel
60' €250 €300
90' €280 €330
2 Masseurs
Center Hotel
60' €280 €360
90' €310 €390


Looking for comfort? Don’t move. You can enjoy our massages from your hotel or home. A luxurious door to door service.

Price according to the chosen massage

Our facilities

The best facilities in Madrid at your disposal.


Erotic Massages Barrio Salamanca

Sensual Massages Madrid

Tantric massage in Madrid

Do you need to relax? Are you looking to spend a few minutes on yourself so you can forget about the stress of daily work? The stress caused by our daily speed is one of the reasons why our generation has problems leading a healthier life, not only physically, but also mentally. That is why it is necessary to stop and think a little about taking care of our body and why not? Give a few minutes of tranquility to our mind.Look no further because you have arrived at the web that will offer you the possibility of having a few minutes of relaxation to let your mind rest. Have you heard of tantric massage? Well, we are experts and we offer this discreet service to achieve a complete relaxation of all our clients. Forget the false myths and continue reading to learn much more about this body therapy.

Lingam massage in Madrid

So that you can see the benefits of our massages in Madrid, we at TAJ massages offer you a large number of tantric massages, adapted to the demands you have. Only in this way will you be able to live an incredible experience that you will never forget.The lingam is a Sanskrit word that means male sexual organ and is related to the technique that aims to achieve an intense pleasure. It is related to several different techniques that allow you to enjoy a massage performed at another level and intensity. Relax and forget everything around you, leaving your peace of mind in the hands of the TAJ massage staff.We offer a wide range of massages, with different durations, but always by the hand of experts in making our customers feel completely relaxed. In fact, the price of our services will always depend on the massage each client chooses, so you can consult our pricing poster and select between those massages that are at the level of your pocket. Don’t forget to mention the person you are interested in who comes to perform the massage and we will arrange an appointment with her as soon as possible.

Sensual massage in Madrid

But our massages are not only for men, they are also recommended for women. This is because the person designated in TAJ massages to help you, is going to devote to pamper you and treat you with the delicacy you deserve to want to repeat on many occasions. If in addition to this you add a part of love and a small part of lust, you will become one of our star clients. Ask for our Daikini massage, and you will not regret the sensations that we are going to transmit to you. Our sensual massage in Madrid is going to become an obligatory stop for you from time to time.Our massage service is very comfortable, because you will not have to move. We offer you the possibility to be attended in your hotel or to move to your own home. A luxury of which only a few chosen will be able to make use. Contact us and choose the perfect location to enjoy our services. The person you choose will move where you decide and make you spend a moment of tranquility and relaxation, which will place your body in an environment of harmony. You will see how this sensation continues for a certain time and, most importantly, your brain will often remind you of what you have felt so that you can repeat it as soon as possible.We have complete flexibility when it comes to massage, and for this reason, the person you choose will move to the location you indicate at the time that is most comfortable for you. This will take everything necessary for you to have a good time and if you want to choose a different massage to the one you had arranged you can change it without this being a setback. Our menu of massages is very extensive and it may be that customers who call TAJ Massages have a predetermined idea that changes depending on the decision of the same. Don’t worry, our staff will adapt to everything without any problem. In fact, they are all characterized by being very complete professionals and willing to satisfy the customer.

Erotic Massages in Barrio Salamanca

If you decide to stop by our facilities to perform erotic massages in the Salamanca district, you will get an emblematic setting. This is because in each of our rooms we have an atmosphere of interest to our customers. All of them are inspired by a Hindu design, where light (or absence of it) plays a very important role. The room has many candles lit waiting for the intervention of masseur and client.In addition, a shower is included to be able to relax before or after the massage. As oils will be used so that the massage penetrates better into the skin, it may be that the client decides to end the massage with a shower that leaves you cool and calm.Inside the room there is always a tapestry bed, which places a mattress on a small platform on the floor. The feeling when you place yourself on it is one of rest, which fits perfectly with the idea that our customers have of the contracted service. It is important that the beds are comfortable enough so that the clients can rest during the time they are receiving the treatment.

Erotic massages in Madrid Barrio Salamanca

If you prefer to come directly to our facilities to find a much more prepared environment, you can do so in the heart of the Barrio de Salamanca in Madrid. We will be at your entire disposal and we will have everything ready for the moment you decide to come and enjoy a moment of relaxation and tranquility. Our masseurs are very professional. Choose the one that most attracts your attention and if you are not sure, you can consult with us who may be the most appropriate to tune in with you. We are at your entire disposal and we believe that our service can eliminate (at least for a while) all those problems that do not allow your brain to function properly.

Sensual massages

Our working procedure is very simple. Initially we start working your muscles at all levels. We exert pressure on your most sensitive points, using Thai techniques. Only in this way will you be able to create that bond with your masseur to achieve fullness in terms of satisfaction and relaxation. Let yourself be carried away so that our girls can make your day a quiet and peaceful time. Besides that you will reach absolute climax and physical fullness. To create a complete sensual massage, our girls will use their own body to completely tune their aura with yours. This is a tremendously recommendable sensation after a hard day’s work or a momentary stressful situation. We really recommend it one hundred percent.Our sensual massages are the best in the sector and therefore, the client portfolio of TAJ massages is very high. Although it must be said that we are a very discreet service and your data will never transcend.

Tantric massage

Within the different types of massages that our girls can do to you, they emphasize several different models that refer to the tantric part of our body. Below, we will highlight some of the most important and requested by our main customers:

  • Tantra express: this massage lasts 30 minutes. It is the perfect option to recover strength and be able to return to daily work. It includes a relaxing massage, light body to body and lingam techniques to finish in a pleasant way. You will notice that your vitality improves and you end up perfectly relaxed.

  • Tantra Kama: this message is very similar to the previous one, but with a longer duration ranging from 60 to 90 minutes. The procedure is the same as for tantra express.

  • Shiva Tantra: This massage has a duration to select between 60 and 90 minutes. It is a complete body to body message. That is to say, our masseur will use essential oils to be able to slide for all the corners of your body with facility. In addition to performing a massage that generates a complete relaxation, our girls will apply compressive techniques to press on those points that need more dedication. Only in this way will you reach the fullness and you will be able to reach the sensation of ecstasy that we want to achieve.

  • Tantra Kundalini: This massage lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. It is commonly called a four-hand massage. This is because in this case your body is going to work two masseurs. So between the two will perform that massage you need to calm the stress of your day to day. Between the two of them they will be able to locate your weak points better and make this moment full and pleasant for you. You just have to let go.

  • Bindu Double Stimulation: The duration of this massage is between 60 and 90 minutes. It is a fully erotic massage. A first manual stimulation is carried out to get the client ready, but it is controlled that it does not reach the climax to be able to continue with a second stimulation a little more elaborated that makes that second moment of pleasure is much more potentiated. This will make you relax completely during the whole session. Try it out.

  • Tantra Eros: This massage lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. In addition, you can also choose the number of girls you want to have. It is a massage for couples or quartets. It has been created so that you can enjoy a wonderful feeling of tranquility with the couple. Our girls can also teach the techniques they use to both members of the couple, so that they can reproduce them in the same way at home. You can ask all your questions, because for our girls is a great pleasure to explain graphically the way to make your moments of relaxation in couple are completely pleasant. Tantra also helps your relationship pass to another level of knowledge.

  • Tantric massages have a very high sensual component and are used to calm body and mind. They require such a high concentration that they do not allow the brain to be distracted to think about things that can cause stress. Therefore, our sessions have a long duration, so that customers start a little reluctantly, because they believe they will not achieve the goal. But our girls are perfectly prepared to avoid criticism and lack of confidence and thus generate the sense of tranquility that the client wants to be able to see. We should not confuse these services with others that include penetration manoeuvres. Tantric messages go much further. They play with insinuation and massage of the most susceptible body areas in order to achieve full enjoyment, without the client having to do anything at all. It is a very eye-catching service for those who do not know it.As you can see, you have a lot of options for erotic massages in Madrid. Now you have to find out about all of them and decide which one you want to receive. Take your time and call the phones we offer. If you have any questions we will be happy to give you our vision of the service. You can tell us your problem and the needs you have. We, as we have been working in this sector for many years, are going to give you our most sincere opinion and recommend what you are really going to need. However, we strongly recommend that you use this service, because you will perfectly notice that your stress level will decrease with each tantric massage session. This new technique will improve little by little and our girls will renew themselves with each new massage that is introduced in the market. Contact us and we will explain everything in detail. We look forward to your consultation and we hope that the service we will provide is the one you want and the one you really need to reach ecstasy.
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