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You need to relax? We offer you a variety of Tantric Massages adapted to your tastes and desires so that you can enjoy an unforgettable experience.

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We guarantee maximum privacy in all our massages and all the details that make the difference.

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Tantric Massages in Madrid

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You deserve much more than a simple therapeutic massage

Sensual massages


Perfect massage a boost of energy and back to the office. You will feel a renewed, refreshed and well relaxed. It includes relaxing massage, a light body to body, and finishes off with lingan techniques to enjoy a longer and more pleasurable orgasm.


Massage given with essential oils, perfect to disconnect the mind and relax the body. Your masseuse will use both arms and legs to give the massage, taking you to a state of relaxation and ecstasy. It includes relaxing massage, a light body to body, and ends with lingan techniques to enjoy a more pleasant and more pleasurable orgasm.


This is the perfect massage for an unforgettable experience. You will enjoy an intense body-to-body massage, where your masseuse will glide her body sensually over yours while giving you a massage offering a real show and total relaxation.


This delicious massage will awaken all 5 senses. This nude massage is a delight. Exciting and stimulating this skin to skin massage will revitalize your sexual energy and increase your lívido


Double the pleasure. Two perfectly synchronized beauties will slide their curves all over your body. This extravagant massage raises the temperature like no other. A festival of passion and a sea of ​​caresses that will awaken your sexual appetite.


Specially designed for couples to get out of the routine. This couples massage will teach you new techniques to use together increasing your livido and connecting your sexual energy.


Total relaxation from the start. The Bindu massage begins with an orgasm based on lingan techniques enabling you to enjoy the massage on another level. This massage Elevates and increases your sexual energy to the max. Finishing off with a second extremely pleasurable orgasm. Enhancing your climax to a supreme ecstasy.


More and more women are signing up to enjoy an erotic massage and seek their own satisfaction. Your masseuse will spoil you and treat you with tender loving care, just as you deserve it. Combining love and lust to discover an unknown world, and boost your sexual energy.


Looking for comfort? Don’t move. You can enjoy our massages from your hotel or home. A luxurious door to door service.

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Real photos of our masseurs


She Will not leave you indifferent. Very professional and dedicated to the world of Tantra, she ensures that you are comfortable, relaxed and manage to meet all your expectations


Very nice and knows her work very well. She is easy to speak to, making you feel comfortable before, during and after your massage.

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The best facilities in Madrid at your disposal.

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Tantric Center in Madrid

In the heart of the Salamanca's Neighborought where you can get to know us, relax and enjoy unforgettable moments.

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